Content Planning

Behind all great content is great content planning. We create informed strategies based on which types of content are working and which are not.

The cornerstone of any content work is a strategy that provides clear recommendations to realize a new content offering and approach, including objectives, types of content, channel mix, requirements, content life cycles, and migration plans. Aligning key brand initiatives with content efforts can be a significant opportunity to align organizational spending and focus. Further, by reviewing your current content landscape and understanding your goals, we will effectively create an informed strategy based on what themes, content types, and messages are working, utilizing best practices and category insights. Planning how best to deploy different content typologies across specific channels and with a defined frequency is also an essential component, as is understanding client team roles and responsibilities. Determining appropriate benchmarks and success factors upon which to review progress quarterly (or in whatever time frame established) is also essential.

A group of people engaged in content planning, sitting around a whiteboard.