photo of research paper on screenshot, phone screen and hard copy

White Papers & Case Studies

We work closely with clients to identify assets and insights within their company that may be under leveraged. We then create and design white papers or articles on key topics of interest that showcase a company’s expertise in fresh new ways.

brand intimacy study on device and brochure

Proprietary Studies

We have extensive experience aligning brands with a topic of interest and fielding custom research to gain a unique marketplace perspective. This research then creates many unique content opportunities and can be delivered in the form of a report, journal, video, speaking engagements and/or dedicated web presence.

POV photo of field notes

POV Pieces

Brands today need to react to opportunistic events and plan for specific content related to timed events (holidays, seasons, Earth Day, Water Day, etc.). A compelling and timely POV piece can garner significant interest and can be promoted across channels.