Proprietary Studies

We have extensive experience aligning brands with a topic of interest and fielding custom research. Our proprietary studies give clients a unique and valuable marketplace perspective.

Proprietary studies can include trends in a particular category, perspectives on a unique aspect of the business, emerging issues and ideas for handling them, user perceptions about an industry challenge, buying intentions, how customers are changing and evolving, and more. Our research approaches and techniques can vary greatly depending on the specific nature and desired objectives of the study, but they often consist of ethnographic, qualitative, or quantitative methods. In addition to the benefits gained by acquiring previously unknown knowledge, research results generate a powerful, ownable new asset that you can use to create many unique new communication and outreach opportunities. MBLM is able to oversee and develop the research and findings, as well as package the insights and content into a range of compelling materials, like reports, journal articles, videos, speaking engagements, and proprietary web content.

Proprietary Studies example