Brand Intimacy Platform

Our Brand Intimacy Platform enables and optimizes the entire marketing ecosystem as software plays an increasingly vital role in fueling strong brands. It encompasses a comprehensive array of marketing needs, including digital asset management, brand management and intranet content management.

Brand Launch Activation

Once a launch plan has been approved, carefully creating and designing all content across a variety of channels for distinct stakeholders has our writers, designers, coders and developers working in sync. From dedicated microsites and mobile experiences to a video series, customer road show, and launch events, MBLM executes with precision and focus, creating powerful activation opportunities.

Brand Launch Planning

Critical to a successful brand launch is determining what approach is right for you. MBLM works closely with our clients to determine size, scale, components, and timing of a brand launch. We provide a range of considered options with varying costs and considerations for review and then help bring the preferred option to life.

Brand Video/Book

Explaining and demonstrating the new brand is essential, showcasing the finished result and sparking pride. Both brand videos and brand books—printed booklets explaining the new brand and its purpose—can be impactful ways to orient audiences toward the new brand. Brand books also make nice keepsakes to commemorate the occasion.

Teaser/Explainer Videos

Videos are a very effective way to communicate the brand launch and educate along the way. For employees, a series of brief educational videos (e.g., "What Is a Brand?" "Why Are We Changing Ours?" "What Does This Mean?") can be a powerful way to encourage engagement and adoption. Additionally, teaser videos that create a sense of something underway can be effective at building excitement throughout the organization.