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Country Branding

Expressing a millenary culture


As one of the world’s 10 most popular tourist destinations, Mexico faced the challenge of competing with a growing number of destinations offering a multitude of experiences. In 2003, Mexico’s Tourism Board (Consejo de Promoción Turística de México) contacted MBLM to develop a new visual identity and positioning, to help showcase Mexico as a vibrant destination. In addition to gaining visibility and recognition on its own, the brand needed to add value to multiple marketing initiatives by state, region and city tourism boards as well as across varied travel industry sectors. A multitiered brand messaging and strategy was developed to appeal to key constituents such as tourists and those working in the tourism industry, foreign investors, trade-makers, and international leaders.

MBLM began by identifying the most outstanding characteristics of Mexico, such as its European heritage, cultural diversity, magnificent Mexican architecture, vast gastronomical variety and surprising natural beauty. The new Mexico country brand visualizes a country that has been in evolution for centuries, a process that has created a unique country with unique traits. Color is used throughout to demonstrate elements inherent to Mexico’s culture: merriment, history, optimism and cultural diversity, while each letter of the logo contains a decorative motif that represents richness and key features of the country.

As part of the global launch strategy, MBLM designed a number of communication materials and initiatives, such as the Brand Ambassadorship Program, where leading personalities of the culture, art, trade, sports and entertainment sectors were recruited and commissioned to spread the new messaging beyond traditional media worldwide.


Upon the launch of the new brand, tourism flow increased consistently in terms of room occupancy and spend, despite the volatility of the industry in other regions. Likewise, ad tracking research surpassed the Tourism Board projections, while many other destinations across the world started following Mexico’s steps in terms of visual style to convey a revamped personality and offering. In 2008, the Mexico brand was selected as one of UK’s Coolest Brands by the SuperBrands organization, where experts and open public vote to award the country’s strongest brands in terms of innovation, style and desirability.

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