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Ethnographic Research

To gain the greatest insights into audience behavior, we conduct research in users’ own environments, following them around to understand in detail context, habit, patterns and practices. It is here that both nuanced understanding and breakthrough findings can appear.

qualitative research image capturing the values and attitudes of a manufacturer

Qualitative Research

MBLM uses a variety of qualitative techniques including focus groups, triads, one-on-ones and co-creation to understand audience attitudes, preferences, insights and reactions. Videotaping research and creating a video report is often a compelling way to share findings with clients.

quantitative research findings based on audience

Quantitative Research

We use online and phone surveys when statistical results or validation are required, when we need to quantify prevalence or intensity of perceptions or behaviors, and/or when we want to understand brand equity or consideration and purchase drivers.

segmentation-value chain diagram

Segmentation/Value Chain

Our proprietary model helps us identify key business segments and assess their impact in terms of receptivity (likelihood of being a valuable customer), relevance (degree to which the brand meets their needs) and return (business value for investment).

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Usability Testing

Usability testing can be key to creating seamless experiences and intuitive design. MBLM utilizes both crowdsourced and focused usability tests to gain user feedback and further improve and extend our work, ensuring it aligns with customer needs and best practices.