Know more about your customers, prospects, and marketplace

MBLM has a team of seasoned research professionals who are firmly grounded in established research methods yet constantly seek state-of-the-art ways to uncover insights. We use research in all our areas of expertise to gain a deeper understanding of marketplaces, trends, categories, and customers.

Deep insights lead to strong brand ideas

From grasping shifting market dynamics and emerging trends to gaining a profound understanding of customer needs and identifying priority customers, our insights shape strategic decision-making in complex business landscapes to give you an edge.

An array of research approaches to meet every need

We start by identifying your goals and objectives. What insights do you need? Is it validation or information you seek? We then determine the ideal research instrument, from ethnographies and focus groups to user experience testing and benchmarking, to create a plan that details our recommended approach along with key outcomes.

Research that gives you advantage and opportunity

Emotional science and brand performance

In addition to well-established research methodologies, we also utilize our own Brand Intimacy approach to determine your brand’s emotional performance and how well you build customer bonds.

Value chain and priority customers

We an help you identify your priority customers and the relative influence those customers have on other stakeholders. This lets you focus where it matters most.

Validation where you need it

Want some confirmation about a new name, brand strategy, or campaign? We’ve got surveys, focus groups, and panels that let you quickly gut check work, so you feel more confident.

Align executive perspectives

Research can be an effective tool in creating consensus and management alignment. Validating hunches, disproving guesses, and demonstrating the clearest path forward can save time and confusion.

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