A strategic brand management process

MBLM has decades of experience helping build, manage, and maintain brand performance through an established brand management process. We create brand guidelines, templates, assets, and training, leveraging our proprietary software to facilitate better oversight and management.

Implement a strong brand—internally and externally

Maintaining and delivering your brand in the right channels, with the right message at the right time is essential. Ensuring that brand consistency extends across touchpoints helps build recognition and foster trust. Enabling employees to be brand ambassadors, reinforcing the brand experience, is key for deepening customer relationships.

Manage your brand for the future

Although most understand the need for creating brands or rebranding, the importance of brand management is not always widely embraced. Once a brand is established, it needs to be nurtured. Materials need to be created and shared, and employees need to be educated.  Rules, style, and guidelines must be developed, and an approach for building client relationships is essential.

A proven partner to move you ahead

Emotion at the core

As the Brand Intimacy agency, MBLM’s strategic brand management solutions factor emotion as a foundational element in improving performance and perception in the marketplace.

Attention to detail

Our decades of experience have taught us all the pitfalls to avoid, how to create maximum impact with templates and assets, and how to package all the information and rules for the brand into Brand Guidelines that your teams can thrive with.

Empowering your teams

Your brand begins and ends with the people who represent it. Many companies underestimate the importance of brand training. We offer training that engages, informs, and delights and is often gamified, digestible, and collaborative. By investing in their understanding and commitment to the brand, organizations can ensure a harmonious brand experience, both inside and outside.

Cutting-edge brand management tools

MBLM’s next-generation brand management software, OS, integrates social collaboration and dynamic brand governance, helping ensure teams work smarter, faster, and better—together.

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