photo of designs and sizes of a brand logo

Brand Guidelines and Codification

Guidelines and specifications help companies manage and maintain the brands they have worked hard to create. We codify the rules and provide instructions and design specifications for designed deliverables. Guidelines usually also summarize the brand strategy, highlight dos and don’ts, specify the voice and other essential components of the brand and become useful internally as well as for sharing with other agencies and vendors.

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Brand Book

Explaining and demonstrating the new brand is essential, showcasing the finished result and sparking pride. Brand books—printed booklets explaining the new brand and its purpose—can be impactful ways to orient audiences toward the new brand. Brand books also make nice keepsakes to commemorate the occasion.

logos, letterheads and templates available for download on company site

Templates and Assets

The creation of templates and assets provides key tools to share across a company and helps ensure that more teams, offices and geographies utilize a single style and remain on brand. In addition, templates and assets can create cost savings, since teams will not need to develop them on their own.

lecturer teaching students and images of advisory board and booklet with brand logo and tagline

Brand Governance & Training

Many companies underestimate the importance of brand training and the need to formally explain new changes to internal teams. Helping employees understand the brand, business changes, new offerings, etc., requires well-developed and well-designed training programs. These can range from workshops and in-person sessions to online modules and moderated podcasts and can involve MBLM in their creation as well as moderation.

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BrandOS is MBLM’s next-generation brand management software that integrates social collaboration and dynamic brand governance. It is an advanced platform built around the needs of marketing departments to better manage, maintain and deploy brands and is offered on a subscription basis.