video shoot of a girl and a man editing the video on a computer

Shoot planning & Coordination

Integral to the success of any video production is a team that has the experience and know-how to plan and coordinate a shoot from start to finish. From locations, casting and every detail in between, we leave nothing to chance in order to shoot ownable footage that makes your brand video distinctive.

photo of multiple shots in a scene

Video Scripts

As part of the process of creating a powerful custom video, MBLM creates storyboards and scripts to guide the creative process and detail our approach from animation and imagery to sound and style.

photo of equipment for creating special effects

Motion Graphics, 3-D and Special effects

MBLM has a skilled in-house team that creates motion graphics and special effects as part of our video production. These skills also extend to 3-D animation and can also be applied to create compelling infographic content in animated form.

photo of video posters demonstrating brands

Brand Video

Explaining and introducing a new brand through video is a compelling way to get stakeholders aligned and engaged. Brand videos can be used at internal company events, trade shows, intranets, in reception areas, and in presentations as a way to showcase who you are and why it matters.

video poster with two images of content behind it

Teaser/Explainer Videos

Videos are a very effective way to communicate the brand launch and educate along the way. For employees, a series of brief educational videos (e.g., "What Is a Brand?" "Why Are We Changing Ours?" "What Does This Mean?") can be a powerful way to encourage engagement and adoption. Additionally, teaser videos that create a sense of something underway can be effective at building excitement throughout the organization.