Teaser & Explainer Videos

Videos are a very effective way to communicate the brand launch and educate along the way.

For employees, a series of brief educational videos (e.g., “What Is a Brand?” “Why Are We Changing Ours?” “What Does This Mean?”) can be a powerful way to encourage engagement and adoption. Additionally, teaser videos that create a sense of something underway can be effective at building excitement throughout the organization. Leading up to and during the launch of your brand, employees and key stakeholders can have a lot of questions, concerns, and expectations. Teaser and explainer videos are the ideal way to inform your staff about the changes you’re making and get them excited about the future of the brand. Using easy-to-understand animations and inspiring footage, we make it simple to communicate important branding concepts, new elements of the brand, and company goals and initiatives. Videos are an effective tool for building momentum around a launch and galvanizing an entire organization behind your vision because they’re easy to follow and exciting to watch, and they can make a new brand feel especially real.

Explainer Videos Examples