photo of brand name SYNZI with a finger pointing to the tagline

Company or Product Naming

Creating a new name involves creative and strategic skills and the ability to determine cultural sensitivities, global issues, domain search and trademark availability.

naming exploration process

Rebrand or Merger Naming

When a company refreshes its brand or repositions itself, it may want to update or modify its name to reflect this change. At other times, when companies merge, existing names need to be revisited as well. MBLM has countless examples of working on both of these naming circumstances.

naming architecture chart for brand ACME

Naming Architecture

For companies with multiple businesses, groups or products, a defined naming architecture helps clarify the relationships and rules for different brands, eliminating confusion and simplifying future naming efforts.

naming hierarchy and guidelines of selecting a brand name

Naming Guidelines

Naming guidelines codify and extend a naming architecture by detailing approved naming conventions related to word choice, acronyms, lockups and requirements.