the new AB (AllianceBernstein) logo on the main facade of a building

A Brand Transformation

Ahead of Tomorrow

  • Better linkage of brand to evolving business
  • Bold new message with a distinctive and differentiated identity system
  • Consolidation of multiple legacy brands to a single identity
  • Stock increased 20 percent after brand launch
legacy version of the AB (AllianceBernstein) logo
the new AB (AllianceBernstein) logo

A leading global investment management firm, AllianceBernstein, spent the last several years after the financial crisis focusing on evolving and expanding its business across asset classes and markets. To better reflect their new approach and offerings, MBLM worked closely with the company’s executive leadership and global offices to create a powerful brand and a go-to-market presence. After an extensive assessment phase, we developed a strategic framework to articulate who the firm had become. We worked with the firm to evolve their brand from AllianceBernstein to AB, enabling this new portfolio approach to simplify their divisions and to create better alignment.

different elements of the brand identity developed for AB (AllianceBernstein): Icons, colors, imagery, illustrations, grid, bracket, and typography
Examples of printed material and branded brochures developed for AB (AllianceBernstein)
Examples of printed material and advertisements developed for AB (AllianceBernstein)

We created a compelling brand promise, “Ahead of Tomorrow,” leveraging the Brand Intimacy archetypes of fulfillment (exceeds expectations; delivering superior service, quality, and efficacy) and enhancement (a brand that makes you smarter, more capable, and more connected). Segmented messaging across business units and platforms was also developed. A bold new identity was designed as well as a fresh design system and updated corporate materials. We also designed synchronized launch events, brand and corporate videos, global advertising (print, digital and mobile) and a revamped website that you can read more about in their respective cases.

a woman hands her ID to a man behind a counter with a blue wall with the AB logo.
Example of two vertical webpages developed for AB

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