visual view of logo from initial design to finished logo

Visual Identities/Logo Design

MBLM’s teams work together in an iterative process to create powerful logos and visual systems that expand and advance a brand’s promise. A strong visual identity distinguishes a company from its competitors and becomes a memorable symbol for key stakeholders.

shots of different parts of animated logo

Logo Animations and Sonic Branding

Logos today must not only be powerful and designed for devices, they should also have motion and sound to optimize their impression. We work to create both an elegant animation to a logo and recognizable sound to expand the influence of its identity.

three cans of paint with different packaging labels

Packaging Design

We work across categories to create compelling packaging design and merchandising systems to enhance products and attract buyers.

key design elements with color and typography for a website

Key Design Elements / Look and Feel

Identity is more than a symbol or wordmark, it also needs to suggest an overall signature style and ethos for a brand. We explore a range of options to see what resonates most with clients and customers.

finger pointing to a screen showing a graphical user interface

User Interface Design

Our UI team creates compelling, engaging and vibrant experiences that meet channel or device requirements while pushing the boundaries of digital experience. Whether touch or click, responsive, or mobile-first, our designs provide the right mix of aesthetic power and technical efficiency.