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Unveil the essence of your brand for lasting impact

At MBLM, brand identity goes beyond mere visuals—it forms the core of a company’s identity. Led by identity pioneers with a legacy of shaping the most memorable brands over the past four decades, our designers have the ability to create a complete visual language. This includes logos, type, color, photography, fonts, and secondary graphics, all meticulously curated to succinctly communicate the essence of your brand.

Your visual expression is the immediate face of your brand, shaping your distinct story

Our brand identity service provides a clearly defined identity that not only supports but also reinforces your brand strategy and positioning. It serves as a powerful tool for your go-to-market approach, presenting clear and compelling visuals tailored to resonate with your audiences and stakeholders. Furthermore, it establishes the foundation for a visual language that will guide your internal design and marketing teams in shaping the future of your brand.

From new logos to evolutionary transformations, we revitalize your brand

Through a comprehensive process that includes internal and external testing and validation; collaborative worksessions with executive teams; and a detailed exploration of typography, color, and secondary graphic systems, we create a compelling and cohesive brand identity.

Transformative brand identities rooted in emotion, research, experience, and structure

Emotional science and human understanding

Our brand identity integrates emotional science and a profound understanding of human behavior, particularly in the intricacies of color and logo design symbology.

Research-driven insights

We conduct in-depth research to identify gaps, competitive spaces, and the drivers of audience needs and behaviors, ensuring that our brand identity solutions are rooted in strategic insights.

Decades of rich experience

With a legacy spanning decades, we bring a wealth of experience, having successfully crafted brand identities for major international brands, start-ups, and products.

Structured process and approach

Our service follows a structured process and approach, facilitating internal consensus and buy-in. We recognize that changing an identity can be challenging when there’s emotional attachment, and our approach help ease the transition and build confidence.

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