Dimension your visual expression

A strong logo is your foundation. Design systems extend and dimension a brand’s visual identity. Detailing color and type, creating illustrations and icons, defining a photographic style ,and selecting unique design elements help ensure a brand has a strong arsenal of assets to showcase a distinct and compelling visual presence that works across channels.

Distinguish your brand

At MBLM, we meticulously explore and carefully interconnect all visual elements, creating a rich, unified expression that stands out in your competitive space, giving you, your teams, and your vendors rich assets to work with over the long term.

Focused yet flexible

Our comprehensive approach details all visual components, including typography, color palette, proprietary brand motifs and graphics, imagery, and icons. More than that, we design the system to be flexible and able to grow and evolve as your brand expands. We can also train your team to ensure the system is actionable and adopted.

Design that connects with stakeholders and builds strong bonds

MBLM’s award-winning design work elevates brand expressions, but more than that, we also apply our unique Brand Intimacy approach. This means we look at the emotions associated with specific colors and design based on how people view and react to imagery to maximize interest.

On brand experiences

Our design system work is always aligned to brand identity and brand strategy work, ensuring work is on-brand, is appropriate, and is building the associations you’ve already developed.

Inclusive design

We consider WCAG and Section 508 guidelines that specify color and contrast requirements. Our extensive knowledge of ADA compliance enables inclusive design and web accessibility.

Crafting proprietary visuals

Whether designing unique iconography or coordinating custom photoshoots, we find ways to make design elements proprietary. And if budgets are modest, we look to customize existing assets and find visual treatments to make stock imagery more distinct.

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