Collateral & Stationery

Even in an increasingly digital world, the use of print collateral continues to evolve.

Brands are always looking for new, inspiring ways to engage people on a more tangible level. Creating print materials to engage and educate a variety of audiences, from corporate brochures and annual reports to posters, brand books, and investor kits, gives companies a range of tools to help promote themselves to key stakeholders. Though today a great deal of emphasis is placed on the digital, social, and mobile landscape, print remains persistent and continues to grow and evolve right alongside technology because many people want a tangible and tactile representation of a brand. MBLM is constantly looking for new ways, big and small, to leverage and advance this evolution by creating more ownership and distinction to make each publication more inventive and engaging, and by finding new and creative ways to explore the growing level of interactivity within print media.

A collateral depicting a woman in a green hat showcased in a magazine.

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