Time for United Nations action.

United Nations Development Programme

Connecting to a Cause


MBLM was awarded the design of the United Nations Development Programme’s pivotal annual report, marking the UN’s 75th anniversary and the conclusion of the UNDP’s 15-year quest to achieve its Millennium Development Goals. Our goal was to create a compelling design and strong theme that built on the UNDP’s powerful mission by creating a sense of emotion and connection with the cause.


MBLM created a compelling design centered on communicating the most important information in a graphically striking way that highlights key details through icons, graphics, and gripping photography. The design reflects a modern and streamlined look and invites readers to skim the main points or read the key findings in the full report.

The report has been favorably received by the UN and its stakeholders and continues to be distributed in multiple languages around the world.

A hand is holding a number of icons on a yellow background for the United Nations Development Programme.
A stack of magazines featuring a woman wearing a hat promoting the United Nations Development Programme.
United Nations Development Programme brochures.
A magazine highlighting the work of people in the field, supported by the United Nations Development Programme.
A yellow and white brochure with a lot of information on the United Nations Development Programme.

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