Accelerating Conversation - The Nature Conservancy Case Study

Accelerating Conversation

Balancing development and conservation for sustainable prosperity


Led by co-chairs Henry M. Paulson, Jr. and Roberto Hernández Ramírez, the Latin America Conservation Council (LACC) consists of an unprecedented group of global leaders who leverage their collective influence, expertise, and resources to make Latin America a model of environmentally responsible growth. Working in partnership with The Nature Conservancy (TNC), the Council was formed to accelerate innovative, effective, and scalable solutions to three of the region’s greatest challenges — water security, sustainable food, and smart infrastructure — so both people and nature can flourish.

MBLM worked closely with the LACC team to articulate a better narrative for the brand in its collateral, promotional, and internal communications materials and clarify its relationship with TNC. We crafted the idea of “Accelerating Conservation,” highlighting the active orientation of LACC as a “do tank rather than a think tank”. We also refined critical messages across audiences and conservation themes. As part of this process, we updated the Council’s logo and created theme icons and co-branding specifications. We then developed guidelines to align LACC with TNC’s recently updated identity system. These essential components came to life through a series of specific marketing materials MBLM created, including a new video, brochure, and communications plan.


While ensuring the integrity of each organization, MBLM was able to establish core messaging and visual identity principles that communicate LACC’s distinct role and highlight its relevance within TNC. The updated branding and communications clearly articulates LACC’s unique role as an accelerator while celebrating its special relationship with TNC.

An unprecedented group of global leaders working with The Nature Conservancy for solutions to three of Latin America's greatest challenges -Water Security, Sustainable Food and Smart Infrastructure to benefit both people and nature.
A map of south america showing areas of impact of The Nature Conservancy
An inforgraphic showing the three challenges of latin America: Water Security, Sustainable Food, and Smart Infraestructure
a man in a suit behind a podium with the logo of The Nature Conservancy giving a presentation
the logo of LACC applied as a pin on a suit lapel

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