collage of images with word NEHA - hero image

A bold identity to signal hope

Modernizing a leading charitable organization

  • Reinvigorated organization and signaled change: first redesign in 20 years
  • Became centerpiece for new membership programs
  • Dedicated outreach sharing new identity with key audiences
New England Hemophilia Association
New England Hemophilia Association logo before

The New England Hemophilia Association (NEHA), was founded in 1957 to serve individuals and families with all types of bleeding disorders, who need information, emotional support and an organization to voice their needs and concerns. This dedicated group was seeking to modernize their identity and showcase a new, bold presence as they continue their important work of education, support and advocacy. MBLM worked closely to understand the organization and what made it successful for over 50 years. Our design team were struck by the theme of family and sense of community at NEHA. This inspired the designers to create a compelling identity where a dark red blood droplet embraces a smaller white droplet to symbolize a hug. This helps convey the caring nature of NEHA, in addition to an uplifting and dynamic spirit which is woven into the fabric of our community and our ethos. Furthermore, the logo shows drops coming together, to demonstrate an optimistic spirit for curing hemophilia.

collage of NEHA colors - red, dark red, light gray, black
child with "Wicked strong family" text in a circle on forehead
person putting IV needle in their arm while another person assists
multiple diverse color hands with NEHA wristband on each other

NEHA has proudly showcased their new identity and created a range of marketing and promotional materials to highlight this change. Reaction from their community has been enthusiastic and positive.

person speaking behind a podium to an audience with NEHA banner behind them
three people in gray shirts with NEHA logo holding NEHA Unite certificates
group of people in gray shirts with NEHA logo taking a photo
large group of people inside a building with various NEHA posters taking a photo

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