A woman carrying a tote bag that says birthday initiative, aligning a brand to its future.

Aligning a Brand to its Future

Catalyst for change


Earth Day Initiative is a leading environmental group dedicated to balancing ambitious advocacy work with easy-to-access everyday sustainability solutions. The organization felt that its previous name, Earth Day New York, limited its geographic purview and constrained the brand’s focus to its famed Earth Day event. In reality, Earth Day Initiative has a number of other compelling national programs for individuals, schools and communities and continues to expand and advance its offerings and focus beyond the annual event.

MBLM worked closely with Earth Day Initiative’s management team to create a new brand essence, name, story and identity. The new name signals both the action-oriented nature of the group and its diverse programs and offerings. “Catalyst for Change,” is the new brand promise. It creates a story that harks back to the organization’s roots and its focus on engagement and education across a wide range of constituents. The new identity is a bold symbol of momentum, working in tandem with the name and promise to suggest a multiple of goals, positive energy and constant progress.


The new brand debuted at the annual Earth Day event in New York, signaling a new focus and expanded offerings for Earth Day Initiative.

A sign that says catalyst for change, aligning a brand to its future.
Earth day initiative billboard aligning a brand to its future in front of a building.

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