A person holding up a phone with a drink local app for "I Drink Local.

I Drink Local

Inspiring change, supporting local community


Provide a social platform for the community to raise awareness and voice support for locally bottled water.

In 2012, MBLM launched the ‘I Drink Local’ campaign in order to bring attention to the fact that many restaurants and cafés in the UAE do not serve local brands of bottled water. By combining MBLM’s expertise in brand building and technology, we ideated and executed an innovative social platform to effect change.

In a fun and engaging way, we encouraged the UAE to request local water. The website provides facts and observations about why switching to locally bottled water can cause a positive impact on the local community, while a mobile application was developed to expedite the process of tagging places that serve local water.


The ‘I Drink Local’ web application recognizes the location of the user and displays restaurants in the vicinity. More than 4,500 outlets across Dubai are currently listed in the ‘I Drink Local’ database. The initiative was covered by many of the region’s major media outlets and continues to be an outlet for the community surrounding the important issue of local water.

A tablet computer on a drink coaster.
An iPad with a "I Drink Local" website.
An iPad with a bottle of water on it, promoting local drinking.
A bottle of water sits on a table in an office promoting local hydration.
A tablet computer with a map for local drinking locations.

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