Historic maritime district in New York.

Old Seaport New York

Revitalizing a historic district


In April 2013, MBLM joined a small business alliance to help spearhead the revival of the South Street Seaport, New York City’s oldest waterfront neighborhood. Hurricane Sandy devastated the 12-block area, once known for its historic character and vibrant street life. MBLM partnered with the local merchants and neighbors’ association to brand the district, restore its sense of place and kickstart a neighborhood association.

Over the spring and summer, MBLM worked with the local merchants to create a name and identity for the district: Old Seaport New York. The new name celebrates the essence of what makes the district unique — one of New York City’s most historically preserved neighborhoods, where history playfully coexists with the city’s constant evolution. The new identity is at the heart of an activation campaign that juxtaposes the district’s name and message, expressing a mixed range of experiences that make a visit to the Old Seaport always new.


In the fall of 2013, the Old Seaport Alliance started operating as a neighborhood association, representing merchants and residents’ goals of recreating the district as a stage for vibrant, modern life while preserving its historic character and identity.

MBLM continues to work with the Old Seaport Alliance, advising the alliance’s board on brand building, place making and marketing.

A blue and white brochure with a map of Old Seaport.
An old seafarer's new start in a newspaper.
Seaport banners.
Vintage New York seaport sticker.
A girl wearing a t-shirt that says Old Seaport New York.

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