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The Pulse of a Community

BrandOS, a dynamic social network


As part of our work in transforming the Institute for the Study of Business Markets, we identified their vast library of information, insights, and frameworks as a major untapped opportunity. The client had tried to bring their extensive material online, but they were unable to leverage legacy digital systems effectively, and the materials were poorly presented, hard to find, and difficult to maintain. There was extreme pressure to provide more than 3,000 members with greater abilities to connect, discuss, and share information with each other and the Institute.


Using MBLM’s BrandOS platform, we built B2B Pulse, an exciting custom platform for the sharing of the Institute’s thought leadership, frameworks, articles, and newsworthy posts. B2B Pulse is a private community for Institute members, academics, and fellows. It features an extensive database of resources such as books, articles, webinars, and links to courses. The Pulse section showcases a chronological stream of posts from the community where people can receive the latest news, information, or inspiration links. Users can comment, share, or surf recent B2B activities. The Help Desk allows members and fellows to ask questions to the Institute’s staff that will be assessed and forwarded to the appropriate academics or specialists for a response.

B2B Pulse is a dynamic and evolving repository of the vast, diverse content the Institute offers its members. As important as its resources, the platform is a powerful way for users to connect with each other around the timely news, trends, and best practices evolving in the industry.


Business Marketing Association B2s 2016
Best of Category, 2016: Web Presence: Online Community, Open or Closed

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