A crowd of people at a b2b event showcasing brand potential.

Defining Brand Potential

A B2B think tank transformed


At MBLM, we like unique challenges, especially ones that involve brand transformations. The Institute for the Study of Business Markets is a rare, largely unknown group made up of leading B2B marketing academics and world-class practitioner company members. The Institute’s mandate is to pioneer marketing with B2B companies. New leadership promoted the opportunity to increase membership and prompted an examination of the entire brand proposition and offer.


During the span of a few months, we conducted research into what members were looking for from the Institute, while exploring where marketing professionals were going for inspiration, insights, and education.

MBLM built a powerful new brand essence and positioning for the Institute. At its core, “Realizing Potential” was the promise that represents academics and practitioners alike – the alchemy between theory and practice and how the two can inform each other synergistically.

A refined new identity elegantly solved the challenge of the organization’s long name, and a progressive and dynamic design system supported the stacked type. A series of new event sub-brands – with engaging names and identities – was created, further enhancing The Institute’s offer.

Every digital and physical touchpoint became reenergized with the new brand, and the transformation took hold. Within a matter of months since launching its new brand, the Institute is surpassing its goals around member retention and acquisition as excitement grows for this leading B2B think tank.

A blue and white brochure defining brand potential for big tax marketer.
A laptop, tablet, and phone are displaying a website illustrating brand potential.
A stationery set with a logo.
A Potential-defining blue sign on a building.
A group of people at a conference exploring defining brand potential.
A laptop is displaying the website for the leading bed think tank, exploring the potential of defining brands.
A person showcasing brand potential on their iPhone with a displayed website.
A man is utilizing a laptop to explore potential brand opportunities.
Touch point diagram illustrating brand potential.

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