A Better Way Forward

Evolving a Growing Healthcare Leader

  • Created a new enterprise-focused orientation for the brand
  • Established an emotionally oriented brand promise
  • Designed a bold graphic system and a simplified identity
  • Redesigned and built a new website


As a pioneer in healthcare operations solutions and services, symplr helps unify the management of workforce, governance, risk, and compliance processes. As the business grew, symplr partnered with MBLM to align the brand with a focus toward enterprise customers by creating a new strategic brand platform and revitalized design system and sophisticated web presence.

Following a comprehensive evaluation of the brand, its competitors, and the landscape, MBLM developed a compelling brand promise centered on the Brand Intimacy archetype of enhancement: making customers smarter, more capable, and more connected.

Using the metaphor of a compass, we centered the brand on the idea of being a helpful guide that brings together the right people—in the right places at the right times—to create a better way forward for healthcare.

color chart
overlapping combinations of color circles

MBLM refined the brand’s identity to be more reflective of the “Compass” brand promise and more elegant. In addition, a bold and colorful design system also highlights the circular compass-like shapes of the logo is the foundational design element to create interest and emphasis. It is an effective cue reinforcing guiding and the brand’s ability to focus and lead.

people walking by a black poster with white text and colored circles
Flag with symplr logo, white text and overlapping colored circles
collage of symplr document templates

We conceived a comprehensive website redesign focused on conversion around core personas. Built entirely on HubSpot CMS and using SEO-optimized page structure and content hierarchy, MBLM designed the site to best capture the spirit and emotional impact of the identity system while creating consistent modular page layouts that the client team could build on.

From a unified catalog of offerings to migrated resources, including white papers, blog articles, case studies, content from acquired brands was rationalized and prioritized, creating a cohesive site experience and promoting a singular symplr corporate brand.

symplr stationery such a pen, folder, letter, eraser, book, door pass
billboard sign of woman sitting at a desk around a laptop smiling with colored circles behind her, simplr logo and vision
simplr cap, pocketbook, pen and card
simplr cap, pocketbook and pen

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