Differentiating a Digital Engineering Leader

Possibilities are Boundless With Accolite

  • Created a new brand promise centered on boundless possibilities by identifying unoccupied positioning territories and opportunities in the competitive space
  • Developed a new mission, values, and messaging framework to extend the strategy to other internal and external components
  • Designed a new identity that visually captures the concept of limitless capabilities 
  • Detailed a bold and graphic design system that incorporates motion, blending colors, and vibrant conceptual imagery, expanding on the idea of a wealth of opportunities
  • Architected, designed, and created content for a brand new digital presence oriented for growth
  • Programmed, tested, and launched the digital experience, along with providing training for the client team

From transformation to reinvention to innovation, the visual and verbal language of the digital engineering landscape has become calcified over many years. With a never-ending breadth of competitors, diverse in geographic presence and scale, and all communicating similarly, Accolite faced a unique challenge in defining what it stands for.

A laptop showing the website designed and developed for Accolite

Through a rigorous multi-phase project, MBLM crafted a unique and engaging presence for Accolite that would drive interest, elevate how the brand communicated, and highlight why customers should choose to work with them. An initial assessment examined the landscape for opportunities, probed the brand and the business for its real differentiating value, and led to the definition of a powerful new brand promise. 

Example of the use of graphic motif and color developed for Accolite
A composition showing the use of graphic motif, photography and color developed for Accolite
Accolite's color palette showing different shades of blue, purple, orange and yellow
Examples of the use of the typography and color for Accolite
Example of the use of graphic motif and typography developed for Accolite
Example of the use of typography and color developed for Accolite

Capitalizing on a moment when digital change was having outsized impacts in every industry, and new AI-driven technologies were just around the corner, the brand promise focused on the idea of Boundless Possibilities. It highlights how Accolite expands what’s possible but also guides clients toward the most appropriate and achievable solutions. From this positioning, concepts such as “expanded horizons of potential,” “fearless thinking,” and “conceptualizing what’s new” took center stage, informing a new mission, values, and messaging.

MBLM created a new logo that fully embraces this conceptual territory, bending the forms of the wordmark to create an endless loop of iteration, improvement, and advancement. Simplified, modern type and a blend of electric colors coursing through the loop capture a distinct visual take of digital engineering experts who embrace change and think differently.

A man with a tablet in his hands with the website designed and developed for Accolite

These colors and type continue on into the design system that MBLM created, supplemented by swoops of color with indefinite, limitless edges. We augment this feeling with photography that feels inspiring and visionary when depicting people and that tackles complexity and problem-solving through abstract 3D geometries in the Accolite colorways.

A person holding a smartphone and a laptop in the background with a new accolite website on it.
A man in front of a large screen displaying an Accolite presentation

Guiding executive stakeholders through the decision-making process, MBLM then architected, designed, developed, and launched the new Accolite website. We defined a new, intuitive site architecture that balanced the need to promote a breadth of horizontal offerings but also to show expertise in industry verticals. This naturally created a need for a variety of subpages covering multiple service offerings and capabilities, mapped intuitively to industries that leveraged them, and all structured to guide visitors towards conversion. MBLM designed the site to bring life to the new design system, elevating the role the design motif played in leading the eye through pages and defining hierarchy. Content development was also guided by MBLM, exemplifying and expanding on boundless possibilities in the first expression of the brand promise that would become publicly visible. 

Marketing materials including swag items like mouse pad, pen, and notepad and Thermal Mug

The technology platform selected for the website is based on a custom WordPress theme that we integrated with 3rd party technology for marketing automation and lead capture (Hubspot) and job listings (Lever and proprietary tools). The resulting experience is not only visually compelling but also performs at a score of 95 and up for Performance and Accessibility as measured by Google Lighthouse. MBLM supported the client team throughout the build and launch process with best practices, knowledge transfer, and training to provide confidence in server configuration and content maintenance. Directly after launch, organic traffic and all engagement measures had increased by double-digit percentages.

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