Examples of the design system developed for Kipu with a mix of graphic motifs and imagery

A New Vision for Behavioral Health

Branding a healthcare technology leader for growth

  • Created brand strategy to align with a developing business model in a consolidating market
  • Developed new messaging frameworks to align and unify communications
  • Designed a vibrant, modern design system reflective of Kipu’s orchestration of services
  • Redesigned the corporate website to exemplify the new positioning and go-to-market approach

Kipu is a leader in behavioral health software focused on enabling the behavioral health ecosystem to operate, interact, communicate, and heal. Facing a rapidly consolidating marketplace in which M&A activity was creating strong headwinds, Kipu developed a distinct approach with its end-to-end technology platform and data-based approach to optimizing services and operations — both concepts that were uncommon in the industry. To cement its place as the market leader, Kipu approached MBLM with the challenge of creating a strategic and visual foundation for the brand that would deliver clarity, alignment, and market strength as they sought to leapfrog the competition.

Examples of the design system developed for Kipu
Examples of the design system developed for Kipu with key phrases: New advances. New vision

To advance Kipu to the head of the competitive set, MBLM worked with the leadership team to define a powerful brand promise: a “New Vision” for behavioral health. Highlighting how Kipu creates an end-to-end, orchestrated technology platform that is integrated and interoperable, this strategic framework positioned Kipu’s offering as a sophisticated digital ecosystem that was at par with, and in some instances ahead of, the mature tools that have been part of the larger healthcare industry for years.

Example of the design system developed for Kipu
Example of the design system developed for Kipu
Examples of 3 vertical banners for Kipu showing how to apply the design system

Based on the promise of a New Vision, MBLM created a design system that gave life to the orchestrated, coordinated way in which Kipu technology enables improved mental health for patients. A variety of design motifs and abstract shapes allude to the diverse components of the unified ecosystem, all working in harmony, and to the diversity of people and personalities that better behavioral healthcare supports. With rich violet, orange, and teal tones that introduce energy and vibrance and uplifting photography highlighting positive and aspirational interactions, the new design system highlights how Kipu amplifies the ability of payers, providers, and patients to advance towards better health together.

examples of the design system developed for Kipu applied to a series of pieces
A person points to a tablet screen showing part of the multimedia designs developed for Kypu.

The website design builds further on those themes as the system flows fluidly through layouts and compositions,  elevating the themes of advancement, optimization, acceleration, and growth that the New Vision enables. Built in alignment with a new website information architecture that MBLM created, the site clearly delineates products and showcases the value of the integrated platform, ultimately elevating the product and the brand and driving better conversion. MBLM continues to advance and maintain the site as business priorities evolve.

Example of a digital add developed for Kipu
A man with a tablet in his hands with the website designed for Kipu
Examples of web pages developed for Kipu

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