Templates and Assets

The creation of templates and assets locks down key branding elements and empowers a brand with the tools needed to ensure that finely constructed brand identities don’t get diluted over time.

When distributed company wide, branded templates and assets ensure that all teams, divisions, offices and geographies are communicating in a single voice and remaining on message in all communications across all channels. In addition, templates and assets create great cost savings because they alleviate the need for teams to duplicate efforts by redeveloping existing materials. Templates can be created for flyers, sell sheets, white papers, advertising, presentations, and so on. Assets can include color palettes, proprietary photography and imagery, secondary graphics, videos, and presentations. Their enterprise-wide distribution and use comes as close to a guarantee as you can get to ensuring that a new business pitch will look, feel, and sound the same, whether it is delivered in New York, New Delhi, or New Zealand.

A screen shot of a website homepage showcasing templates and assets.

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