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Destination Branding

Redefining Mexico’s most notable Mayan region


Yucatán, one of the 32 Federal Entities in Mexico, is epicenter of the Mayan culture, housing a great diversity of attractions, a scenic cultural heritage and experiences that range from jaw-dropping archaeological sites and sophisticated haciendas to international-awarded Mayan nouvelle cuisine. Yucatán is also recognized for its safety factor and the friendly and peaceful environment by its citizens across the state.

MBLM was invited by the Tourism Byucaoard of the Yucatán Government to develop a marketing strategy to further leverage the momentum gained and become a spotlight as an international and renowned destination for B2C and B2B audiences. In addition to improving the perception of Yucatán and its strong and positive attributes, the project aimed to foster collaboration among government-related entities and increase the number of visitors, the length of their stays and their day-to-day average spending.

First, we conducted an in-depth research process through focus groups, online surveys, workshops, data mining and international benchmark analysis to fully understand the opportunity for differentiation and greater audience relevance. As a result, we defined a strategic platform aimed at five key segments: local residents, second-home residents (mostly retired foreigners), DINKYs (double income, no kids yet), honeymooners and families. All of them have been part of Yucatán’s past and are essential to keep attracting in the future.

We then created an insights-driven strategic framework to reposition Yucatán, focusing on the ‘emotional proximity’ concept or big idea: the ability to connect with loved ones at a truly emotional level, the ability to share experiences of the environment (the scenic landscapes, various cultural attractions), and the ability to find fulfillment in unforgettable moments. This ‘emotional proximity’ is also supported by the cordiality, charisma and fondness of Yucatán’s society.

‘Full-time emotions’ is the red thread of the communications strategy developed to convey the new positioning along with a new identity based on multipurpose shapes and a vibrant graphic system to reflect Yucatán’s unique personality, Mayan heritage and the sophistication and warmth of Yucatecans.


The result is a compelling, relevant and timeless brand and communications strategy, evoking a highly attractive array of experiences and emotions that appeals to domestic and international visitors. The segmentation delivered and helped reach various audiences in a more targeted way, with exclusive content and specific channels to further create a clear and relevant perception for each audience. Our work is helping the tourism board in Mexico to optimize resources and marketing efforts. We are pleased to continue collaborating as the agency of record for all brand activation and communications-related initiatives.

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