Brand Intimacy Platform

Our Brand Intimacy Platform enables and optimizes the entire marketing ecosystem, as software plays an increasingly vital role in fueling strong brands.

It encompasses a comprehensive array of marketing needs, including digital asset management, brand management and intranet content management. The Brand Intimacy Platform has evolved through an amalgamation of tools used by Fortune 1,000 companies that span numerous industries, including finance, health care, automotive, real estate, technology, and consumer goods. This fully equipped suite of functionality solves a range of challenges such as digital asset management (DAM), brand management, and intranet content management. This powerful tool has been integrated into a variety of enterprise environments and customized to fit the particular needs of brands of every scale and type. While cloud-based platforms are common in the landscape, software like the Brand Intimacy Platform that unites a marketing organization and its community of internal and external stakeholders remains limited. The platform is fully integrable with enterprise-wide systems and sales or CRM tools and includes measurement and insight tools for brand performance feedback, a timeline-driven social community, and more.

A mobile phone and a tablet on a brand intimacy platform.