Content Audits and Inventories

Understanding and evaluating your current content is essential to developing a strategy for the future. Our insights are built on detailed research and observation.

In order to know what content you need, you must first understand what content you have and how it is currently performing. A content inventory will give you a comprehensive view of your complete portfolio of published assets. Our editorial team will then evaluate the types, amount, effectiveness, quality, voice, and tone of your library of assets against existing business requirements, brand guidelines, style guides, user needs, and analytics to determine effectiveness, patterns, gaps, strengths, and weaknesses. We will review your current state of content procurement, creation, and usage, as well as the existing content strategy (if one exists) and the assets of your key competitors so we can effectively create an informed point of view. In short, we will tell you the story that your current content is telling and then be in a position to identify areas of opportunity.

Content Audits and Inventories example

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