A person points to a computer screen showing part of the multimedia designs developed for Borouge.

How Borouge Engineered an Immersive Innovation Center With PresentationOS

Borouge, a leading provider of innovative and value-creating plastic solutions, was looking for a way to repurpose their research and development (R&D) complex into an immersive innovation center

Borouge aimed to highlight their unique technology, manufacturing systems, and innovation know-how to promote deeper and more meaningful business relationships.

MBLM has developed and launched a purpose-driven interactive journey for Borouge using advanced multimedia showcases powered by PresentationOS and deployed in immersive physical and digital installations.

MBLM utilized Borouge’s 9,000 sq ft research and development facility to create content, interactive zones, and immersive environments to highlight Borouge’s position as an industry leader in polymer and plastic solutions.

a series of screens showing different multimedia developed for Borouge powered by PresentationOS

MBLM developed an engaging narrative and built a multimedia, purpose-driven journey that demonstrated Borouge’s in-depth technical know-how and pursuit of innovation using PresentationOS.

By creating physical, digital, and immersive contents, MBLM highlighted Borouge’s innovative, value-creating solutions — from the molecular level to their industrial applications.

Tailor-made tours in English, Arabic, and Chinese showed the unique properties, values, and benefits of Borouge’s polymer products and solutions and ensured each tour group would receive a unique experience based on their interests.

a digital and interactive display in a white showroom with people standing around it

The innovation center positions Borouge as an industry leader and continues to leverage the network of university students, government officials, research institutions, and business partners.

It has inspired a paradigm shift and influenced a positive change in perception about the role of plastics and polymer solutions and how it could contribute to the world’s sustainability agenda.

The project also created a landmark achievement by developing a first-of-its-kind glossary of technical words in Arabic.

PresentationOS has been an essential platform for Borouge to tell their story in a way that would resonate with the audience, forming deeper emotional connections that lead to successful sales conversations.

2 views of the Kiosk or "the Innovation center", developed for Borouge
a small car prototype is on display in a showroom designed for Borouge

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