How TYM Transformed Their Brand Experience

TYM is a leading manufacturer of premium compact and utility tractors in South Korea with operations in North America and distribution channels across the world

To support the worldwide growth of their business, TYM required a tool that will modernize their brand perception and demonstrate the value and full-scale of their line of tractors effectively and engagingly.

TYM partnered with MBLM to develop a brand and digital strategy and a sales enablement platform to support their business objectives, drive sales conversations, and empower their dealer network.

Examples of screen designs and 3D models created by MBLM to allow TYM distributors and sales teams to present their solutions at a glance.

MBLM developed a custom, state-of-the-art iPad experience for TYM, enabling dealers and sales teams around the globe to present solutions at a glance.

The interactive 3D models displayed tractors in action and in applications, showcasing USP’s, options and attachments in an innovative way. 

PresentationOS has become the de-facto resource library for TYM and the dealership network, providing complete access to product specifications, sales collaterals and calculators among others.

Examples of 3D utility tractor models and specification screens showing how product details are displayed

PresentationOS offers an unmatched interactive experience to showcase the value and benefits of TYM products and solutions to prospects and dealers.

More than 300 iPads across all TYM dealerships worldwide rely on the platform to deliver engaging sales presentations.

MBLM has developed a future-forward strategy for TYM, allowing constant updates and content distribution, saving the company thousands of dollars in printing materials, and significantly reducing carbon footprint.

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