Top Crypto Rankings

Crypto ranks as the eighth most intimate industry in our rankings. Cardano ADA and Bitcoin BTC are the top-performing brands, coming in 26th and 30th place overall in our study.

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Crypto Comes Out Strong

Industry Performance

A new industry, crypto’s average Brand Intimacy Quotient score is 37.8, above the cross-industry average of 36.8. Crypto scores higher than traditional financial services, which rank in 14th place.

Archetypes & Stages

Fulfillment is the dominant archetype, with enhancement a close second. The industry ranks fifth overall for the enhancement and ritual archetypes. Crypto also performs better than the cross-industry average for sharing, bonding, and fusing.

Head to Head

In comparing Cardano and Bitcoin, we see mixed results. Bitcoin performs better across the enhancement, ritual, and nostalgia archetypes, while Cardano is stronger in fulfillment and identity and leads across all stages. Keywords for both include value and the future.