a man standing on a stage in front of a crowd with the Arcosa brand in the background

Moving Infrastructure Forward

Forging a New Future


In order to fuel growth and maximize shareholder value, Trinity Industries decided to spinoff their infrastructure-related businesses. With a rich heritage in manufacturing, the new company was to become an independent, publicly-traded company focused on three growing segments—Construction Products, Energy Equipment, and Transportation Products.

MBLM partnered with the new leadership to establish the essence, story and experience for the new company under the Arcosa brand. The new name symbolizes the ‘arc’ of progress for the business and the company’s ongoing commitment to fulfilling critical infrastructure needs through innovation, entrepreneurship, and flexibility. The Arcosa brand is further reinforced by a compelling brand promise, a unique brand personality, and future-looking tagline—Moving Infrastructure Forward.

A key component of the project was to establish a brand architecture framework that would establish Arcosa’s credibility in the business segments, express the particular capabilities and showcase the existing, well-regarded commercial brands.

Visually, the identity is built on the core tenets of the Arcosa brand personality—bold, confident, open and engaging. The logo consists of a type treatment that is unapologetic in it is form, and unique by way of the notched “A”s that bookend the name. The comprehensive design system consists of a rich, integrated color palette built off the highly-visible Arcosa Orange, the photography is curated images the existing library but augmented stylistically, and the graphical shapes appearing within the communications were all derived from the Arcosa logo.

MBLM worked with internal teams to plan, create and deploy the key elements the brand launch including video and website, digital assets and key corporate presentations. In addition, Arcosa is utilizing MBLM’s OS platform to manage and maintain their new brand.


The public introduction to the Arcosa brand was designed to coincide with the company’s first Investor Day presentation in New York City. It was brought to life through an immersive brand video, environmental graphics, and a branded presentation that outlined the growth goals of its three businesses as well as the company as a whole. This event paved the way for Arcosa’s successful spinoff (ticker symbol ACA) on November 1st, 2018. The stock price increased over 70% at its all-time high from the $21.00 opening.

A laptop, a tablet, and a mobile phone showing the website designed for Arcosa
examples of the design system applied to different elements such as a building shell, an office reception wall, a web page, and a pin on a lapel.
Examples of two web pages showing the brand management app developed with BrandOS for Arcosa

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