Rebranding a Sustainability Leader

Highlighting an unrelenting commitment to improve quality of life

  • Repositioned brand to align to new business focus
  • Aligned complex portfolio with new brand architecture
  • Designed iconic identity befitting this transformative organization
  • Overhauled messaging and brand voice

Beeah, which means environment in Arabic, is the GCC’s most influential environmental and waste management group, expanding into renewable energy, sustainable logistics, environmental services, and technology. To better align to their business goals, Beeah required a new, updated brand to demonstrate their intent to use sustainability and technology to build smarter cities, modern economies, and higher standards of living.

MBLM worked closely with the group CEO and C-level management to transform its brand. Through a series of global workshops, surveys, and interviews, we created a new brand foundation for Beeah. A powerful brand promise centered on betterment gave meaning and focus. This was complemented by new messaging and a simpler, bolder tone. The Beeah identity also underwent a dramatic change, resulting in a modern, organic symbol, depicting a catalyst, suggesting motion and progress. Building on the visual identity, we created a design system that further reflected Beeah’s leading role in sustainability, highlighting unique elements in nature like: life, conservation, energy, and harmony.

The team created a brand architecture model and nomenclature system to optimize the corporate brand, align to the business strategy, and offer growing subsidiaries the room they need to grow within their industries and areas of operation. This simplified the growing company’s complex internal structure and partnerships.

The team created a brand architecture model and nomenclature system to optimize the corporate brand, align to the business strategy for this Rebranding

In January 2022, Beeah Group launched its new brand and moved to its new headquarters, designed by Zaha Hadid. The solar-powered space operates at LEED Platinum standards and is set to realize net-zero emissions. At this time Beeah continues to expand its operations and demonstrate its leadership. It has recently launched a campaign on the impact of plastic pollution on camels in the UAE and released a study linking damaged environmental ecosystems to increased prevalence, transmission, and severity of disease outbreaks.

The design system developed for Beeah, showing different applications for printed materials
mobile phone showing the design of the interface developed for Beeah
Beeah symbol applied as a pin on a suit lapel
A wall with several examples of printed material showing applications of the design system.
The design system applied as the background of a presentation event

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