Amplifying Results

Rebranding an omnichannel marketing services agency

  • Created a new brand including positioning, name and identity
  • Aligned brand architecture related to company structure and acquisitions
  • Developed templates, collateral and support materials for launch
  • Designed a new, integrated website with comprehensive UI kit

When agencies Vision, SourceLink and Path Interactive joined forces, they wanted to tell a powerful new story and showcase themselves as a best-in-class data-centric, omnichannel marketing agency.

This began by working with a hands-on executive team representing all the groups to build internal cohesion and alignment. Using worksessions, surveys and individual executive and customer interviews, we were quickly able to help the team chart a powerful course forward. 

A flexible design system was created to complement and support the identity, using rich colors and energetic secondary graphics that scale dynamically across applications to communicate agility and amplification. The new identity and design system celebrated the unified offering, combined strength, and bold direction of these newly joined marketing leaders.

Clarifying the brand architecture and creating a simple, strong new name were the first steps. These were quickly followed by positioning articulation and the creation of a new identity. We designed a smart, modern logo built on a custom typeface developed to express the brand’s approachable personality and deep expertise.

With the foundational elements of the brand established, MBLM created a series of templates and materials activating the brand across channels. These ranged from sales templates designed to present large amounts of data to social media and trade show graphics exemplifying the new brand’s personality.

A new website showcasing the collective offering, services and resources was designed to reflect Amsive’s simple, stylish ethos and capture the momentum of the brand. 

We worked with the client to distill a set of content modules that can be combined in myriad ways to showcase work, draw attention to thought leadership, present the service offering and drive conversions. This way the site can easily evolve and deepen over time as Amsive builds out a robust content marketing ecosystem. 

Rather than thinking in pages, MBLM often designs user interfaces in patterns or building blocks that are flexible and yet cohesive and well structured. Given the client’s expertise in SEO and digital marketing it can be expected that the site will rank highly in organic search results.

The brand launched in March 2021 to internal acclaim and is a strong foundation for the agency to build upon.

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