A set of brochures featuring brand repositioning for Alsea.

Brand Repositioning

Transforming a holding company into an ingredient brand


Alsea is the leading restaurant operator in Latin America with globally recognized brands in the quick service, coffee shop and casual dining segments. It has a multi-brand portfolio comprised of global brands such as Domino’s Pizza, Starbucks and Burger King, among others. The company operates over 2,000 units in Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Colombia. With more than 50,000 employees in five countries, Alsea is a publicly traded company in Mexico’s BMV, with U.S. $1 billion in revenues.

MBLM was assigned to revise the corporate value proposition in light of the company’s 20th anniversary and build greater awareness and connections with its key audiences (financial community, government sector, employees and society at large). In addition to retaining the existing customer base of its brands, the project’s ultimate objective was to attract new customers on a more frequent basis.

We conducted an in-depth, research-driven analysis, creating the platform for Alsea’s new positioning as an ingredient brand to add value to the commercial portfolio and its notable role in contributing to Mexico’s growth. We selected some key touch points to showcase how Alsea has been part of everyone’s life by bringing forth the idea of “Touching People, Enriching Moments.” The messaging framework to increase its relevance with various audiences was supported by a rich and vast iconic and graphic identity system to convey Alsea’s added value-position. We also provided criteria for CSR initiatives and developed B2B/B2C marketing collateral.


“Over a year ago we invited MBLM to create a brand value proposition to reflect our vision towards the future after our first 20 years of operations in Mexico and Latin America. As a result, MBLM’s strategy is helping us to further align the cultures of our brands, delivering a compelling story of success, synergy, good citizenship and value, which will be instrumental to connect emotionally with our current and potential customers. I am sure that this will be an important element in our Corporate Strategic Plan to extend our customer base and leverage our company towards more competitive grounds, with a unique voice, goals and values.” (Fabián Gosselin, CEO).

Alsea has so far had significant organic growth with an 8 percent year-over-year expansion in same-store sales, and a net increase of 250 corporate stores. This resulted in significant improvement in its financial indicators and profitability, reflected by an increase of more than 85 percent in net income. 2013 was also a record year for acquisitions.

A person is holding a brochure featuring brand repositioning.
A repositioned box.
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A sign that says "alsea" in Spanish on a wall promoting brand repositioning.
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A set of brochures for a company called Alexa, highlighting brand repositioning.
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A repositioned credit card with the word alsa on it.
Domino's pizza brand repositioning.

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