New category expansion


Seeking growth opportunities in adjacent categories, Comex formed a joint venture with Lafarge, a global leader in cement, aggregates and concrete, to manufacture and market a comprehensive portfolio of advanced construction solutions featuring state-of-the-art technology, design and European quality standards. The venture required a brand capable of bringing forward the heritage of its parents without overshadowing the unique qualities of this initiative.

MBLM worked with Comex to develop the Plaka identity, which is endorsed by Comex, and the visual system that shapes communications at the product, marketing and retail levels. The Plaka Comex graphic system leverages the visual equities associated with both parent companies to convey the heritage and value brought forward by these highly respected companies. A distinctive graphic style suggestive of the technology, innovation and flexibility inherent to the Plaka offer imbues this brand with a look and feel that has helped it forge a unique identity and reputation in the market.


Plaka Comex has been a highly successful effort for Comex, enabling the company to significantly extend its historic product offering to become one of the leading brands in the Mexican construction market.

Two green Plaka brochures on a wooden floor.
A stack of Plaka books on a table.

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