Three cans of meridian are sitting on a table.


Making painting easy


To facilitate distribution into non-Comex channels and reach the highly price-conscious segment without risking damage to its established brand and reputation, Comex had created Meridian, a low-cost convenience paint brand sold in hardware stores and the growing number of home centers in Mexico. The brand was in need of a refresh to bring back its visual appeal, clarity and relevance to customers.

MBLM was hired to revitalize the Meridian brand to create a strong, contemporary, value-oriented identity and visual system capable of attracting new customers by focusing on the idea that painting is easy and uncomplicated. We created a brand idea centered on the notion of “You Can Do It,” a new idea in Mexico at the time, to empower customers to plan, design and decorate their homes as professionals do. Meridian’s brand architecture, identity and visual system were updated to support this promise, as was the packaging. The packaging highlighted key product information in a practical and immediate way, using simple language and numbers, to make the product selection and purchasing processes as easy as possible. We also created the POS materials, which play a critical role in attracting, informing and advising customers in these channels.


After its revised branding was launched in Mexico, Meridian visibility and reputation as a convenient and reliable low-cost paint brand were quickly elevated. The brand enjoyed double-digit sales increases within a short period of time and was recognized as “being a modern-looking and reliable” that helped customers see DIY painting as an easy, fun and affordable task that enabled them to renovate their homes and their lifestyles.

A man is pushing a shopping cart full of paint while passing through Meridian.
Meridian paint on a store shelf.

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