#10 Nestlé S.A.


The tenth-ranked brand family, Nestlé S.A. has an average Quotient Score of 39.5. Its strongest archetype is nostalgia. An average of 28% of consumers who use Nestlé S.A.’s portfolio of brands are intimate with them.

Data was sourced from our most recent Brand Intimacy Study. To be ranked as a brand family, conglomerates needed at least 3 portfolio brands in our study. See Brand Family Methodology.

Head to Head

In comparing Nestlé S.A. and Unilever PLC, we see two closely matched brands. Unilever’s portfolio is stronger in the archetype of identity, while Nestlé’s brands are superior in fulfillment, ritual, nostalgia, and indulgence. Nestlé is stronger in the Brand Intimacy stages of sharing and bonding but the two brands are almost evenly matched in fusing, the most advanced stage.

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