Fueling a Healthcare Leader’s Bold Ambition

Architecting a rebrand for greater impact

  • Launched new brand (promise, identity, web) within 90 days
  • Integrated aspects of legacy Verscend and Cotiviti into new Cotiviti brand
  • Created extensive visual system to distinguish brand from competition
  • Modernized technology platform to enable lead generation
  • Increased web traffic across all key measures
Older versions of the logos of Verscend and Cotiviti over a white background
the new logo of Cotiviti, into new Cotiviti, integrating aspects of legacy Verscend and Cotiviti

The merger of two healthcare analytic leaders (Verscend and Cotiviti) required creating a bold brand with a powerful story. Highlighting the firm’s expertise in harnessing billions of clinical and financial data points to help companies successfully navigate complex systems and regulations became a powerful focus.

A 360-degree view of the health-care ecosystem enables Cotiviti to interpret, analyze, and provide unique vantage points to deliver insights in a multidimensional approach.
a woman carrying a branded conviti bag
two horizontal banners showing examples of the brand identity developed for Cotiviti

We developed a brand idea centered around Data Fluency, a core pillar of the brand and its ability to provide valuable perspectives.

This became further defined through the brand’s new identity and visual system, leveraging a series of zeros and ones. Using a binary code further connoted data fluency and iconography showcased the innovative ways people interact with data.

a series of tablets displaying different pages of the website developed for Cotiviti

A new website, built on Hubspot enabled Cotiviti to better nurture leads. The user interface design further built on the graphic system of zeroes and ones through hero images and use of supergraphics. Corporate materials, an advertising campaign and key go-to-market materials were developed to signal this fast-growing analytics leader was determined to demonstrate its impact.

examples of Corporate materials an advertising campaign developed for Cotiviti

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