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Demonstrating Value With a Medical Technology Leader

Strategic Content Deployment for Premium Healthcare Support


For over 100 years, global medical technology firm Hill-Rom has designed and manufactured products that protect patients, accelerate recovery and manage medical conditions. Driven to “Deliver better outcomes for patients and caregivers,” Hill-Rom offers premium solutions, emphasizing results and long-term value over initial price. The brand frequently faced the challenge of demonstrating this value to potential clients, especially in price-sensitive Middle Eastern markets.

MBLM worked with Hill-Rom to reshape and improve the sales process used by its regional sales teams. Working alongside key marketing and business executives at Hill-Rom, we identified the weaknesses in their current sales tactics, which included jumping to product details without selling the Hill-Rom value story, or driving price-based tactics without focusing on overall product and solution-set benefits.

MBLM then absorbed Hill-Rom’s key sales materials to map audiences, customer needs, and product benefits. Each primary audience (senior management, doctors or nurses, and technicians) was connected to Hill-Rom’s six solutions areas, and key messages that spoke about high-level value were developed. These messages were then distilled into presentations for individual audiences. Each started with the overall benefits of working with Hill-Rom, then funneled down to available solutions and product-level details. A corporate video and brand presentation were also developed as introductory materials for customers new to Hill-Rom.

This new marketing content was deployed at Hill-Rom’s Arab Health exhibition stand and is now distributed to their mobile sales teams using MBLM’s Platform. The Hill-Rom stand was organized into product demo areas, with Platform managed content displayed on iPads attached to video walls throughout the space. The sales teams receive marketing-approved content, managed through the Platform, on their iPads, which are used at one-on-one sales meetings throughout the region.


Hill-Rom’s new content, deployed through MBLM’s Platform, enables the company’s marketing teams to control the messages that sales teams deliver and monitor their performance, giving them a framework with which to sell value. Each salesperson now presents Hill-Rom and its overarching value to an audience, narrows down to appropriate solutions, and then invites them to view the specifics of those products. Over just a five-month period, the sales team’s 40 users have demonstrated the Hill-Rom proposition to prospective clients through over 400 minutes of marketing presentations and 250 minutes of videos viewed.

Examples of some pages of the presentation developed with PresentationOS for Hillrom
a videowall in a conference room with the presentation developed for Hillrom and a tablet to control it.
Examples of some pages of the presentation developed with PresentationOS for Hillrom
a man with a tablet in his hands with a presentation developed with PresentationOS for Hillrom
thirty different layouts for the presentation developed for Hillrom

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