Efe's frozen treats are displayed on a table.


Sharing the Experience


Even though EFE was the leading ice cream brand in Venezuela, the brand had lost stature and appeal with young people, its primary target. Additionally, EFE’s product portfolio was recognized more for its product sub-brands, which were compromising the equity of the EFE masterbrand.

Concerned about falling prey to competitive incursion, and needing to strengthen the bond with the younger audience, EFE asked for MBLM’s help in evaluating its brand platform and identity and packaging. MBLM completed a thorough assessment of the situation, and once the new positioning was established, MBLM recommended evolving EFE’s graphic identity and maintaining its traditional red and white color equities, but restaging the graphics to add dimension and dynamism to increase appeal to this important segment.

MBLM also worked with the EFE team to develop the brand experience at the point of sale—ice cream vendors and retail outlets—as well as to help with new product launches to maintain energy and excitement around the brand.


Today the EFE brand remains the leader and benefits from stronger bonds with all its audiences.

Two EFE ice cream containers.
A person holding a box of EFE chocolate ice cream.
A person is filling a container with ice cream.

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