A pan package is sitting on a table.


Iconic leadership


Part of everyday life and present at most every table, P.A.N. is an iconic Venezuelan brand. Widely recognized for its tradition, quality and flavor, it needed to remain true to its promise while also seeking out growth opportunities at home and in international markets.

Alimentos Polar asked MBLM to help evolve the masterbrand platform and define the portfolio’s brand architecture for the expanding product line. We assessed the relevant local and global food industries, key market trends, and P.A.N. brand identity and communications practices. Working with Alimentos Polar, MBLM developed a unique and relevant value proposition, refreshed the brand identity and created a visual system to align the product portfolio. We also created a special-edition package to celebrate the brand’s 50th birthday.


For its 50-years celebration, P.A.N. decided to make the world’s largest arepa and obtained a Guinness World Record for this feat. The news was widely reported, reinforcing the brand’s strong stature in the hearts and minds of the Venezuelan people.

Two men wearing t-shirts with the word P.A.N. on them.

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