Polar corporate branding.

Corporate Branding

Leading the way


For its 65th anniversary in 2006, Empresas Polar implemented a new strategic plan that created the opportunity to reposition its corporate brand. Because the company is recognized for its leadership, it was important that the corporate brand reflect a holistic view, encompassing both a deep understanding of the market and the company’s broader role of providing well-being to communities.

MBLM worked side by side with Empresas Polar to develop a unique and emotional brand value proposition, a brand identity that connects with the company’s many audiences, a brand architecture that empowers its master brand and portfolio, a successful launch, and a memorable experience in implementation.


Today, Empresas Polar continues to operate as Venezuela’s largest private industrial conglomerate, manufacturing and distributing a wide variety of FMCG products. Global recognition is one of the many rewards that the company has received from its business activities and commitment to corporate responsibility. It has been cited as an Exemplary Company for Social Responsibility in Latin America by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy, and received a Business Excellence Award from the America Economic Magazine. In addition, the company’s president, Lorenzo Mendoza, has been honored as the Best Latin American Industrial by the American Industrial Association (AILA).

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