Fusing Royal Tradition and Cutting-Edge Design

A new, modern experience of traditional ceramics


Founded in 1990 by Angélica Moreno, Talavera de la Reyna is the youngest of the seven large workshops that manufacture traditional ceramics in the city of Puebla, Mexico. Twenty-five years after its founding, the brand has earned an important place in the national market, thanks to the way it narrates Mexico’s lifestyle in each of their designs. Collaborating with local and international artists, such as Vicente Rojo, Jan Hendrix, German Montalvo, and others, Talavera de la Reyna merges an artistic vision with local culture.

To promote the brand to the next level, Angélica Moreno invited MBLM to develop a project that would attract new segments and markets. MBLM took on a comprehensive project, using extensive research to define a new business model, a new communication and identity strategy, and a new point-of sale system.


Through the definition of a new value proposal based on the fusion of tradition and modernity that articulates the original, romantic, and exclusive brand personality, we designed a personalized experience that connects in a different and relevant way with each potential segment. By boosting the impact of the business in each of the different contact points, Talavera de la Reyna has become attractive in key markets, demonstrating the quality and value of Mexican design on an international scale.

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