A group of people sitting in a hallway with colorful walls, redefining the experience.

Redefining the Experience of Seeing, Living and Transforming

Redefining the category through an efficient, professional, personal, and memorable experience


Blindness is the second leading cause of disability in Mexico. Currently two million cases go untreated and 700,000 Mexican citizens lack the resources and information to treat their blindness. In 2011, a group of Mexican entrepreneurs undertook Sala Uno, a cost-effective, scalable model focused on ending unnecessary blindness in Mexico through quality service with affordable prices.

To penetrate the market and position the company, Sala Uno joined forces with MBLM to identify unmet needs, opportunities for improvement, and thus optimize and multiply their business results.


This process enabled MBLM to design a differential experience model, creating a close and reliable link between fellows and patients. This has been accomplished through the following: simplifying processes, strategically reorganizing teams, optimizing procedures, and developing communications that portray Sala Uno as an entity concerned with the patients’ emotions, decision-making processes, and sense of identity.

Sala Uno’s experience model has managed to promote and enhance its business results with:

  • Greater perceived value,
  • Permission to adjust reference prices up to 100%,
  • An increase of up to 15 percent in patient referrals
  • A 100 percent increase in Lasik surgeries,
  • Consolidation of an optimized and scalable model to other formats, segments, and regions.
A team collaborated with medical professionals to identify improvement areas and redefine the experience of seeing.
A group of people redefining the experience of seeing in a waiting room.
A woman in a lab coat is redefining the experience of seeing by pointing to a diagram on a wall.
A woman redefining the experience of standing in front of a door with a sign on it.
A website design showcased on a computer screen.
A man redefining the experience of seeing, holding an id card.
A man is redefining the experience by carrying a bag.
A man holding up a brochure with a blue background, redefining the visual experience.
Two striking business cards redefining the experience of seeing, placed neatly on a table next to a stylish desk.
A group redefining the experience of seeing, sitting on benches in a hallway.

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