How TechnipFMC revolutionized sales conversations

TechnipFMC is a leading global oil and gas giant that provides complete project life cycle services for the energy industry

TechnipFMC was aiming to demonstrate the unique value proposition of their diverse, end-to-end oil and gas life cycle solutions across multiple verticals and applications and showcase the breadth of their technical expertise and know-how.

MBLM took on the challenge and designed an innovative presentation strategy in PresentationOS to enable TechnipFMC exhibit the full-scale of their diverse technical solutions and a detailed demonstration of their energy life cycle products and services.

Developing a solution that moves away from the energy industry’s traditional physical models of products, MBLM utilized leading technologies and multimedia content to position TechnipFMC ahead of its peers and competitors.

MBLM developed a rich and interactive digital terrain that showcased an end-to-end snapshot of the energy life cycle in PresentationOS.

In this interactive 3D experience, MBLM constructed all possible environments where TechnipFMC’s various products and solutions could be found. The digital terrain demonstrated the value of each product and solution by allowing internal views of the cross-section in both 3D models and animated videos.

This highly detailed interactive world allows sales executives to leverage the value of TechnipFMC’s products and solutions and effectively demonstrate their breadth of expertise, and spark meaningful sales conversations with potential clients and investors.

PresentationOS has become an essential tool to present TechnipFMC’s products and solutions and demonstrate value in trade shows, exhibitions, in-person meetings, and web engagements.

The platform added indispensable value to TechnipFMC’s sales enablement efforts and expanded awareness to the entire portfolio of TechnipFMC products and solutions.

TechnipFMC continues to rely on PresentationOS as an essential sales enablement platform as they continue to add new products and experiences to complement their sales funnel.

man interacting with production plant area on a screen

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