Las Vegas investor video showcases Sahara Hotel & Casino before and after renovation.

Investor Video

Bringing a brand to life


sbe plans to transform the Sahara, one of the first 10 hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, into a modern, luxury lifestyle property, SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. As the property’s doors have been shuttered for more than 15 years, sbe turned to MBLM to create a video that would showcase the shifting tides—the change from one legacy to the next—paying homage to the old Vegas while making room for a bold new vision for the future.

MBLM created a video that balanced the old and new. The video starts as a tour down memory lane, with scenes from movies and newsreels weaving together the history of Las Vegas. In the ultimate transformation, the old Sahara washes away in a sandstorm and is replaced by a bold new vision of the SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. Through a unique combination of CGI rendering and moving montage, MBLM takes viewers on a high-energy tour of the new property, from bustling restaurants and slot machines to a lively daytime pool party and late into the nightlife scene.


The video was so successful, MBLM later provided a Mandarin voiceover for use at international investment presentations.

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