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22 Cities, 1 brand


Educate, promote and create enthusiasm about the new UL brand among employees around the world through a series of key events.

After creating and launching the new corporate UL brand, MBLM was asked to develop a series of brand events to educate employees and build a new level of involvement. From a staged series of richmails leading up to the road show, to designing a multimedia presentation and environmental materials to showcase the brand in each event space, MBLM also developed after-event materials, websites and merchandise to maintain employee enthusiasm and participation.

The 22-city tour, reaching Asia, Europe and the U.S., inspired staff and effectively depicted what the new brand meant to the people who worked at UL.


The brand launch demonstrated a powerful and compelling way to manifest the new UL to employees, helping them understand what the new brand meant to and for them. Video, web and a series of live events helped ensure that employee engagement and sense of pride remains high.

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Stewards of trust - stewards of trust - stewards of trust - stewards of trust.
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a group of people look at three large screens displaying the unveiling of the brand's launching campaign.

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