Empowering purposeful collaboration


Fundación ProEmpleo Productivo was created in 1995 by Don Alfredo Achar Tussie and Comex to provide training for underprivileged people who are looking to become small-business owners.

In 1996 Marcos Achar, CEO of Comex Group, asked MBLM to review the value proposition and the identity of the institution in order to help it more effectively communicate to the two audiences it sought to reach–the sponsors that it wished to attract and the population that it is strived to help. After assessing the organization and its communications, we helped ProEmpleo focus its communications around the entrepreneurial capacity of people and how, with the help of the pragmatic tools provided by ProEmpleo, they would be better equipped to achieve more, both personally and professionally. To symbolize the importance of human capital and the power of collaboration in generating personal and societal value, we created a new ProEmpleo identity that represents a pyramid made out of three human figures.


The rebranding helped ProEmpleo achieve much greater visibility. Today, 15 years after its inception, 86% of small businesses funded or led by people trained at ProEmpleo have been operating for two or more years.

A hand holding a ProEmpleo business card.

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